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Click Here - The Worldwide Campaign for Public Transit in Detroit.

A good bus line on a primary route can support itself with user fees, thus making better use of limited transportation tax dollars. Full frequent 24/7 service averaging about every 12 minutes and no greater then 30 minutes connecting major destinations is the best solution and wanted by the majority.

Option One ~ A proven to work plan that connects downtown Detroit to metro airport and Pontiac and Mount Clemens with dedicated 24 hour / 7 day a week public bus service. --- The Plan... that fills the buses

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Replying to xxxxx @ xxxxx If the SMART millage fails, with a NO vote in any county, it will NOT be renewed, and SMART service will end in that county. State funding is based on a formula, and federal dollars are through an application process, which SMART consistently applies to each and every year. 1:40 PM - 11 Jul 2018

Harold Leese, If the SMART millage fails in August 2022 with a NO vote, it will mean NO Federal, State or Local cuts in funding. It also means no cuts in essential service and no job loses including those who work for SMART. The wording in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is proof and makes this clear as explained in this website.