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Date: Aug 2, 2022 2:00:00 p.m.
The Time to Vote

August 2, 2022, Detroit, Michigan, USA

In Macomb County and in participating communities in Oakland and Wayne counties in the State of Michigan, USA, the registered voters will decide on a local tax proposal to pay for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation - SMART, metro Detroit's public bus system.

This existing local tax is a basic human right and not a privilege. A vote of no means you support the renewal only, as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Why vote NO ? Because the ballot language only included the ad valorem property tax in 2018, based on the assessed value of real estate. This means when it expires, an alternative is required first by majority vote or the current tax levy remains in place. Both SMART and special interest groups, primarily the Transportation Riders United refuse to acknowledge that a renewal and an increase can not be combined because tax shifting is discrimination without_consent from the registered voters. Please use backspace to return.

Do not move to the back of the bus

No means everyone keeps their bus and job.
No means all money remains.

ALL money is protected by just checking no
This means no bus numbers or schedules can be changed.
No means more money for mass transit and everyone,
especially SMART employees and their customers.

Replying to

@MeganDetroit and
If the SMART millage fails, with a NO vote in any county,
it will NOT be renewed,
and SMART service will end in that county.
State funding is based on a formula,
and federal dollars are through an application process,
which SMART consistently applies to each and every year.
4:40 PM · Jul 11, 2018·Hootsuite

The voters do not decide. Only the increase.

The County Transit Millage does not need approval.

This is open discrimination.

SMART is a Lifeline for everyone and is mandatory.
The buses will never be shut down.

Voters will decide Aug. 6 whether the SMART transit system will continue to provide 200,000 rides a week - or shut down within 30 days.

SMART has been operating with farebox revenues, state and federal grants and, since 1995, a .33-mill property tax levy. Costs of vehicles, fuel, wages health coverage and liability insurance have continued to rise. Revenue has not kept pace. state and federal revenue has been proportionately diminishing.

SMART is asking for a .33 mill renewal and a .27 mill increase to keep the system operating.

Without the funding, SMART's funds will be used up in 30 days. The system will be shut down.


Market value of house: $200,000
State Equalized Value: $100,000
Per year cost: $60
Per month cost: $ 5
Per week cost $ 1.15
Per day cost: 16.4 cents

Source in English only
Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan RTA
1001 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1400
Detroit, MI 48226
The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation SMART
535 Griswold St Ste 600, Detroit, MI 48226

Transportation Riders United TRU
PO Box 2668, Detroit, Michigan 48202

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