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The Worldwide Campaign for public transit in Detroit

Please make this site go viral Worldwide. The City of Detroit public bus systems are broken by concrete barriers of despair and loneliness discriminating against everyone. The transportation tax increase and renewal proposals at the voting booth have become so corrupted in this city and suburbs that competent opposition with proven solutions to defeat them are now essential. The best one is as described below. Please challenge.

Option One ~ A proven to work plan that connects downtown Detroit to metro airport and Pontiac and Mount Clemens with dedicated 24 hour / 7 day a week public bus service. --- The Plan... that fills the buses

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A Worldwide campaign is needed because the voters in Detroit are unaware of the safety and economic dangers they will face should the 2020 and 2022 transit tax proposals pass.

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Why should everyone in the World want Detroit transit taxes defeated? Because the public bus systems in this city are no longer in working order and so damaged, it is a human rights violation. It is no different then if someone in Africa is denied clean water. This must now be fought Worldwide. The residents are brainwashed into believing a new Regional Transportation Authority will receive federal money and improve public transit, if they support local tax increases. There are no approved federal grants and their claim local taxes are needed or required to get these is fraudulent. Statistics reveal the new authority is not willing or able to provide safe and affordable bus service at any cost. In addition, they defend the scare tactics and discrimination of people being stranded to get votes.

Detroit transit tax supporters deserve no increases or renewals of any kind. They have sold out to the imperial capitalism and greed of wealthy business owners and large corporations and political leaders who are ignorant about public transit. An educated public will learn to vote NO.

The time has come to "Just Say NO"

Getting full funding and removing the obstacles that are preventing mass transit means defeating the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) next August 2022. In addition, the Regional Transportation Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) will have to be prohibited from allowing the public a vote in November 2020. If they do get this, then it must be entirely defeated in all areas.

The passage of the August 7, 2018 SMART renewal in suburban Detroit is evidence of the need to change the language at the voting booth. The Federal excise tax on fuel, the Michigan CTF fund and passenger fares must be in writing along with their dedicated purposes. The protection of all revenue sources is morally and legally obligatory.

There are misconceptions about SMART

  • State law requires millages like this one to be renewed by the voters every 4-5 years - There is presently no such law.

  • Without voter approval August 7, SMART bus service would STOP, leaving tens of thousands of people stranded and adding thousands more cars to the road. - If this failed, not one single person would have been stranded and there would have been no cars added to the roads.

  • SMART is not the Regional Transportation Authority of Southeast Michigan - RTA . - There can only be one Authority for funding purposes under federal law.

  • What does concern me is that people will think this SMART millage is about (the Regional Transit Authority) and it is not.. - There is no truth to this statement.

  • SMART is only a "partial solution.". - Not when you cut federal and state fuel taxes from them at the voting booth.

  • Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation could cut up to 843 employees if voters reject the millage renewal. - The August 7, 2018 property tax renewal was protected by federal laws.

  • SMART receives approximately 25 percent of its funding from the gas tax. Without local funding, SMART or any transit agency cannot receive reimbursement for expenses from the gas tax." . - Expenses from the gas tax are mandatory in Michigan by federal laws without any local funding at this time.

  • The group recommends ending the SMART property tax and instead putting money toward vouchers for more direct transportation such as Uber and Lyft. . - The Michigan Comprehensive Transit Fund for the transit dependent is in grave danger thanks to your opponents. So, please consider joining forces.

Detroit families could soon be replacing old buses for new ones with little or no federal or state money or even any significant passenger money, if this site does not go viral. Also, Multi-Billion Dollar freeway expansions will be built with Detroit bus money. This is dangerous and costly causing more accidents and forcing people to drive late at night when the bars close due to excessive costs, service reductions and the elimination of the state fuel tax for community transit. Thus, making SMART an integral part of a lethal combination causing urban decay and the destruction of farmlands and wetlands.

SMART officials want a $2.9-billion 6.7-mile highway built for the I-94 project slicing through Midtown Detroit. This will add a lane in each direction along with service roads parallel to the highway. The August 2020 and 2022 proposals, if rejected means the 2018 one is eternal under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Thus, cutting off nourishment to feed this and other behemoths.

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