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SMART-125 Fort Street / Detroit - June 17, 2002
Outbound to Metro Airport (Weekdays)
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   Connections - Numbers match those on printable map   
1  Congress/St. Antoine           4:15A  5:13A  5:56A  6:36A  7:16A  7:56A
2  Larned/Woodward                4:17A  5:15A  6:58A  6:38A  7:18A  7:58A
3  Michigan/Griswold              4:19A  5:17A  6:00A  6:40A  7:20A  8:00A
4  Fort Street/Cass               4:21A  5:19A  6:02A  6:42A  7:22A  8:02A
5  Waterman/Jefferson             4:32A  5:30A  6:13A  6:53A  7:33A  8:13A
6  Fort Street/Miller              ==     ==     ==     ==     ==     ==   
7  Jefferson/Outer Drive          4:44A  5:42A  6:25A  7:05A  7:45A  8:25A
8  Outer Drive/Fort Street        4:49A  5:47A  6:30A  7:10A  7:50A  8:30A
9  Fort Street/Southfield         4:52A  5:50A  6:33A  7:13A  7:53A  8:33A
10 Fort Street/Northline          5:00A  5:58A  6:41A  7:21A  8:01A  8:41A

11 Fort Street/Eureka             5:04A  6:02A  6:45A  7:25A  8:05A  8:45A
12 Eureka/Trenton                 5:06A  6:04A  6:47A  7:27A  8:07A  8:47A
13 Southland Center               5:16A  6:14A  6:57A  7:37A  8:17A  8:57A
14 Meijer - Taylor                5:18A  6:16A  6:59A  7:39A  8:19A  8:59A
15 Eureka/Inkster                 5:26A  6:24A  7:07A  7:47A  8:27A  9:07A

16 Eureka/Middlebelt              5:29A  6:27A  7:10A  7:50A  8:30A  9:10A
17 Metro Airport                  5:43A  6:41A  7:24A  8:04A  8:44A  9:24A
18 Marriot Hotel                   ==    6:46A   ==     ==     ==     ==  

SMART-125 Fort Street/Detroit from Downtown Detroit to Metro Airport

   Connections - Numbers match those on printable map       
1  Congress/St. Antoine           8:36A  9:23A  10:03A 10:43A 11:16A 12:03P
2  Larned/Woodward                8:38A  9:25A  10:05A 10:45A 11:18A 12:05P
3  Michigan/Griswold              8:40A  9:27A  10:07A 10:47A 11:20A 12:07P
4  Fort Street/Cass               8:42A  9:29A  10:09A 10:49A 11:22A 12:09P
5  Waterman/Jefferson             8:53A  9:40A  10:20A 11:00A 11:33A 12:20P
6  Fort Street/Miller              ==     ==     ==     ==     ==     ==   
7  Jefferson/Outer Drive          9:05A  9:52A  10:32A 11:12A 11:45A 12:32P
8  Outer Drive/Fort Street        9:10A  9:57A  10:37A 11:17A 11:50A 12:37P
9  Fort Street/Southfield         9:13A  10:00A 10:40A 11:20A 11:53A 12:40P
10 Fort Street/Northline          9:21A  10:08A 10:48A 11:28A 12:01P 12:48P

11 Fort Street/Eureka             9:25A  10:12A 10:52A 11:32A 12:05P 12:52P
12 Eureka/Trenton                 9:27A  10:14A 10:54A 11:34A 12:07P 12:54P
13 Southland Center               9:37A  10:24A 11:04A 11:44A 12:17P 1:04P
14 Meijer - Taylor                9:39A  10:26A 11:06A 11:46A 12:19P 1:06P
15 Eureka/Inkster                 9:47A  10:34A 11:14A 11:54A 12:27P 1:14P

16 Eureka/Middlebelt              9:50A  10:37A 11:17A 11:57A 12:30P 1:17P
17 Metro Airport                  10:04A 10:51A 11:31A 12:11P 12:44P 1:31P
18 Marriot Hotel                   ==     ==     ==     ==     ==     ==